Saturday, September 17, 2016

Live on Stage! - How it Came to Be

When I started making Creatures of Yes videos last year I had in mind to do a live show. The videos would always be the main focus but I thought a live show could be an interesting way to promote the videos. But also over the past few years I've really come to detest performing live - I had made my living doing it while touring around the world for the greater part of a decade. So, the Creatures of Yes Live on Stage probably would have never happened if we weren't asked to open for a band at Union Pool this past summer. We only had a few days notice, so I threw together a show. It was pretty bumpy, but fast paced enough to not be boring. We project video behind us as scenery, do our thing with the puppets and throw a bunch of confetti at the audience. We just did our second performance and while I still don't love performing live I have been enjoying the experimental nature of these shows. It is constantly changing, so just know that you will never see the exact same show twice from us. I am interested to see where this goes. More shows coming up.

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