Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rambling in Color

I think I heard somewhere that colors don't exist. You know, that sort of thing where it's like, your brain just perceives them as certain colors or whatever. It's kind of upsetting because I'm obsessed with colors. Does this just further prove that everything I care about doesn't really exist?

I took a Pantone quiz a while back that tells you how keen your color vision is. I got a perfect score. I can distinguish colors almost as good as a woman.

The names of colors are also pretty relative. We have no way of knowing what colors looked like when Isaac Newton was analyzing a spectrum of color from his prism. If he documented them, then they've faded with age by now and if we attempted to restore them we might go too far in the other direction and miss the mark completely. So, we have no way of knowing for sure what blue looked like exactly to Isaac Newton.

I prefer to think of blue as a color that is tiptoeing towards teal. Not the modern version of blue - what is commonly referred to as "electric blue," which is actually violet. Alright, so maybe I don't believe in relative colors, because if blue is actually violet, then what is violet? It has nowhere to go!

Here are some colors I'm working on:

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